Robotic Milking Center

On June 18, 2004, Heritage Christian Services opened the Riedman Robotic Milking Center at Springdale Farm. The center is a working dairy that showcases the future of dairy farming, a robotic milking machine that milks cows without the farmer’s help!

Springdale is the first public demonstration farm in the Northeast to install this cutting-edge technology. A nearby dairy farm, Colby Homestead Farms, Inc., manages the robotic milking center, and the milk produced by the dairy is collected and distributed by Upstate Farms, a local dairy cooperative.

    About the Dairy Barn

  • The Riedman Robotic Milking Center is an airy free-stall 13,000 square-foot dairy barn with room for 60 cows, plus four calf pens and box stalls. The barn has a lower observation area and an upper observation deck from which visitors can see all the cows and calves.Attached to the barn is a milk house that includes a reception lobby, the robotic milking system, viewing area and a milk storage tank.

  • About the Technology

  • The milking parlor features the Astronaut System of robotic milking, developed by Lely USA, Inc. The system includes a self-cleaning, laser-guided robot plus an automatic feeder, all managed by the Xpert software program. The robot identifies the cows by their collar transponders, and the accompanying software keeps track of data about the cow’s health, reproductive history, milk production and milk quality.
  • The Lely system also allows the cows to be milked whenever they choose, without the farmer needing to be there. This gives farmers more free time to concentrate on other parts of their business or spend more time with their families. Springdale Farm is the first public demonstration farm in the Northeast to install this cutting edge technology.
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